Lena Granefelt

The driving force behind my photography is the meeting with people. Since the nineties, I have devoted my time to documenting ordinary people in ordinary environments. My constant goal is to imbue my pictures with an air of authenticity and truth.

Throughout the years I have held a series of exhibitions and have also released several well-received books. The project “Slussen” resulted in both an exhibition, a book and, quite anecdotally, me meeting the love of my life right in the middle of Stockholm’s busiest traffic junction!

Amongst other things, I have contributed pictures to books such as “Zetas trädgård”, “Kåt, glad och tacksam”, “En trädårdsmästares väg” and “Rätt ur jorden”. For five years I also ran the photo magazine “Motiv”, a forum that gave photographers the opportunity to publish freestanding photographic reportages not subordinate to text.

I worked as a photoeditor at the food magazine “Hunger” for 3 years.

Now I just completed my artwork Flora supersum.
It´s a photobook and an exhibition about the beauty of extinction and the garden as a battlefield.